Team members



Jean-Sébastien Morin

JSM is an experienced Hearthstone player, is he Legendary since more than 2 years and has finished in the top 128 at the 2016 qualification tournament for world championships. He won the 2017 Meltdown Tavern Hero at the winter edition. He also was a finalist at the winter edition of 2017 Tavern Heroes at the preliminaries of the worlds championship, top 80 in the total. At Dreamhack Montreal 2017, he finished in the top 32 beating in the way Splyce Th3RaT and TSM Cydonial. Outside of Hearthstone, he practiced a lot of sports but because of an injury he decided to dedicate himself to Hearthstone. He currently study in security and police studies at Université de Montréal.



Alexandra Bastille-Lavoie

DDefalla is one of the best woman player in Quebec at Hearthstone. She has participated 3 times at TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Championship and has reached the rank of Legend. Outside of Hearthstone, she practices skateboard and plays transverse flute at an elevated level. She teach music and she studies in Paralegal Technology.