Team members



Jean-Charles Verdier

Gears of War was the first game of choice for Pink. After 10 years on console, he decided to go to the PC games where he started playing Overwatch. This season he broke the top 200 North America. With his previous teams, he has experience on a competitive level, having played against teams like Team Liquid. Outside of Overwatch, he practices badminton, hockey cosom, trains regularly at the training room and runs regularly. He is also a devotee of sugar! He currently works as a developer for a research center at Concordia University.



Dominic Tremblay

Started the competitive electronic sport during his first ETS LAN in 2012 at League of Legends. He was a member of several competitive League of Legends teams and became a Challenger in the 2016 season. In addition, with the École des Technologies Supérieures, he reached the top 32 North American with a $ 1000 scholarship . Since then, he made the conversion to Overwatch where he reached the top 120 in season 4. At the ETS 2016 he took third place in the Overwatch tournament. Aside from electronic sports, he loves animes and ice hockey. He is currently studying Operations and Logistics Engineering at ETS.



Maxime Aniorte

Just 14 years old, POTG is in its first competitive experience in electronic sports. In Overwatch he reached 4319SR in season 4, a feat for a player so young! Outside of Overwatch, he practices soccer at the AAA level by studying at the Saint-Gabriel school in Sainte-Thérèse. Definitely a player to watch!



Gabriel Adam

Before playing Overwatch, Sheep played in various League of Legends teams at the amateur level. At the ETS 2017 LAN, he finished third in the Overwatch tournament. Keeping in the 4400 SR now, but surely he will manage to climb his ranking in this season! Outside of Overwatch, he practiced Kin-ball at the AAA level and practiced snowboarding. He studied psychology, but now he is in theater at the college level.



Olivier Cyr

A.V.A and Gunz were the first games to give him the taste of competition in video games. League of Legends was his first game where he competed in LAN tournaments. At this same game, he has reached the rank of challenger in the 3v3 mode. In Overwatch he finished 4th at the Dreamhack 2016. This season he broke the top 500 by reaching 4300SR. Apart from the electronic sport Shovel has practiced several sports including basketball, karate, soccer as well as swimming at a competitive level. He also practiced several art-martial and combat sports like Olympic boxing. He is currently working on the field in which he studied: in building drawings.



Gabriel Fréchette

Formerly an exclusive Tryndamere player at League of Legends where he played for 2 years, he also played World of Warcraft where he reached 300th place in North America in 2v2. Overwatch is his first shooting game. He finished third in the ETS 2017 LAN. Apart from the electronic sport, he practices physical training, going to the training room every day! He is currently in the recruiting process for the RCMP.



Mathieu Volpe

Won the Dreamhack Montreal in 2016 as Team Captain. He has also been a professional player for PNDA Gaming, winning the Academy Gaming Weekly 3 times at ESL Atlantic Showdown. Aside from overwatch, he finished third in the LCE league for the Sherbrooke Cégep at Heroes of the Storm. He also played semi-pro for RFS Gaming, having defeated Cloud 9 at the NA Sprint Region Qualifier. Besides electronic sports, Math practices ice hockey, soccer and tennis. He currently works as a computer technician.