Meet the Scouts: Interview with Mirage Scouts Director of Operations Véronique Bouffard

Véronique Bouffard co-founded team Sailor Scouts in 2015 with the goal of empowering and supporting women in esports. Since then Scouts have gone on to compete at professional tournaments around Canada, gradually expanding their operations by holding training and coaching events, forming partnerships with developers like Ubisoft Montreal, and hosting charity fundraiser streams. The Scouts […]

Meet the Scouts: Interview with the players of team Mirage Scouts

Mirage Scouts – originally Sailor Scouts – was founded in 2015 in Montreal. Co-founder Véronique Bouffard, who is now Director of Operations for Mirage Scouts, wanted to build an inclusive and supportive foundation for women in competitive gaming. That vision became a professional team that would go on to compete in a number of high-profile […]

Mirage Spotlight: Coach Cristian “Guerra” Guerra

Cristian “Guerra” Guerra is the head coach for Mirage Esports’ Rainbow Six Siege team. With a background in sports management, Guerra takes a unique approach to leading the team. We had the opportunity to discuss Guerra’s approach to coaching, and his perspective on the shifting landscape of professional Rainbow Six Siege. Steve: How did you […]

Mirage Spotlight: Mitch “Dream” Malson

Mitch “Dream” Malson competed during the season 10 Challenger League, and attended the NAL 2020 during his tenure with Tempo Storm. Now he plays under the Mirage banner. We caught up with Dream to discuss the effects the pandemic has had on his career, and hear about the origins of Dream Clap. Steve: How did […]

Mirage Spotlight: Tomas “Tomas” Kaka

Tomas “Tomas” Kaka is the newest face of Mirage Esports. Tomas is still discovering his role and defining what he can bring to Mirage after learning many lessons from his time with TSM (formally Excelerate Gaming). We had a chance to sit down with Tomas and chat about his journey. Steve: How did your esports […]

Mirage Spotlight: Chase “NotLoading” Neely

Chase “NotLoading” Neely is a competitor at heart, having played lacrosse, ball hockey and football all the way through to senior high school. NotLoading eventually transitioned to esports and focused his efforts on Rainbow Six Siege. He has competed in the Champions League, Canadian Division 2020, and North American League 2021. We caught up with […]