Meet the Scouts: Interview with Mirage Scouts Director of Operations Véronique Bouffard

Mirage Scouts

Véronique Bouffard co-founded team Sailor Scouts in 2015 with the goal of empowering and supporting women in esports. Since then Scouts have gone on to compete at professional tournaments around Canada, gradually expanding their operations by holding training and coaching events, forming partnerships with developers like Ubisoft Montreal, and hosting charity fundraiser streams.

The Scouts joined forces with Mirage Esports in 2021 to create Mirage Scouts, with Bouffard at the helm as Director of Operations. The team’s goal remains the same as always: to empower women in esports.

We got to chat with Bouffard about her journey with the Scouts so far, and her plans for the future.

What was your introduction to esports?

I started competing in 2015 when I was at University. I was playing Heroes of the Storm. The same year I went to BlizzCon with my boyfriend and heard about Overwatch for the first time. I had so much fun that I decided to create and manage my own team.

What are you most proud of so far in your journey with the Scouts?

Being able to prove that everyone can get into esports if they wish to! We didn’t have much when we decided to start our team. We had no sponsor, no funds, we were just a group of friends who enjoyed playing Overwatch and wanted to prove that women could play competitively. We managed to build up our team and make our way to become a professional roster that supports women. If we did it, so can you!

Do you have advice for women considering a career in esports?

Take the time you need to find the right coach for you. Coaches are crucial to your development. Never underestimate the value of having a neutral point of view on your performance.

What other competitive games do you play?

I used to play Smash Bros a lot when I was a kid, I was pretty good at the time and wish I still were today!

What is your biggest strength as a player?

I rarely hesitate, and I think that most of the time it pays off!

What’s next for the Scouts, and for you?

This year we want to expand our roster by adding a new all-women professional team for Valorant. We will also be exploring different ways to introduce women to esports. My ultimate ambition would be to have enough resources to be able to provide all women who want to play competitively with the proper coaching to do so.

To keep up with Bouffard you can follow her on Twitter and Twitch.

This interview has been edited for clarity, style, and pacing.