Mirage custom weapon skin designed by Antoine Tava now available in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Mirage Esports’ very own custom weapon skin is now available to use in Rainbow Six Siege. The skin was designed by Montreal-based visual artist Antoine Tava.

Tava’s involvement in the design of the Mirage Esports skin was detailed in the latest episode of Nothern Lights. Mirage Esports reached out to Tava to design a unique skin that represented the team.

Tava has a background in the animation industry. He’s worked on 2D and 3D pieces in his career before gravitating to other aspects of visual art. This will be a return of sorts in that the weapon skin design encompasses a 3D model.

“Working with the Mirage team was super easy,” Tava said. “Whatever we had set in the proposal came into fruition.”

Image by Mirage Esports

Tava’s design for the Mirage Esports skin features a design largely made up of blue and white graphics. It is greatly inspired by street art and even features a spray can with Tava’s name on it. Mirage’s ‘MRG’ is also prominently featured on the skin. “I added my touch, my signature, and my drips onto the skin and that was fun and greatly appreciated by the Mirage team,” Tava explained in the video. “So, I’m very happy with the outcome of the product.

Players can find the Mirage Esports skin in the Rainbow Six Siege Esports Store.

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